Crosstown Heating & Ventilating (Calgary) Ltd. is dedicated to its participation in the Partners for Safety Program, administered by the Alberta Government. They have been COR certified for 24 years and are committed to safety, as it is an integral part of its operations.

Crosstown Heating & Ventilating considers the safety and health of our employees to be top priority. All employees and management are responsible for the development and maintenance of our HSE Management System.

As a company, our developed procedures and policies align with all governing legislation in all aspects of how we operate. By continually monitoring our safety programs, we prevent injuries, maintain a positive safety culture and increase company performance. We continue to provide a positive atmosphere that is proactive and prevention–driven.

We encourage each employee to engage in safe behavior and to put safety, health and the environment at the top of their agenda. The company’s commitment in taking action and to take suitable changes to ensure that HSE is the forefront of everyone’s thinking.

We will continue to strive to achieve an incident–free workplace, which includes accidental losses to people, equipment, material and damage to the environment. Our goal is an HSE program which reduces the number of injuries and illnesses to an absolute minimum. The ultimate goal is “ZERO” accidents or injuries.


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